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Good quality solid state relay for sales
Good quality solid state relay for sales
We prefer good quality solid state relay , Clion is a strong supplier, they have big factory and advanced equipment ,

—— Mr Sergey

The wonderful big power relay fits our motor, they work well , we have cooperated with each other for many years, Clion is a good supplier.

—— Mr Edward

We are wholesaler, we have large quantity order of miniature PCB relay and general purpose electromagnetic relay from Clion, they sell well .

—— Mr King

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single phase

China HHG2 Single-phase SSR factory

HHG2 Single-phase SSR

Part NO.HHG2-1/032F-2238 10-80AHHG2-1/250F-2238 10-80ADC---ACAC---ACDescriptionSingle-phase SSRSingle-phase SSRControl Voltage014:3-14VDC 032:3-32VDC250:90-250VACControl Current6-35mA5-30mATurn-on Voltage3VDC90... Read More
2013-07-11 19:24:37
China HHT2 Single-phase Solid Voltage Regulator factory

HHT2 Single-phase Solid Voltage Regulator

Part NO.HHT2-R/2238 60-80AHHT2-U/22 10-40ASSR-VASSR-VADescriptionSingle-phase Solid Voltage RegulatorSingle-phase Solid Voltage RegulatorControl mode2W470-560K potentiometer0-5VDC or 0-10VDCLoad Voltage22... Read More
2013-07-11 19:25:07
China HHG5 Single-phase SSR factory

HHG5 Single-phase SSR

Part NO.HHG5-1/032F-2238 5-15AHHG5-1/032F-38120 60-120ADC---ACDC---ACDescriptionMini Single-phase SSRSingle-phase Thyristor Antiparallel SSRControl Voltage014:3-14VDC 032:3-32VDC014:3-14VDC 032:3-32VDCControl ... Read More
2019-04-17 14:34:49
China HHG1A Single-phase Indusreial SSR factory

HHG1A Single-phase Indusreial SSR

Part NO.HHG1A-1/032F-38 100-350A(SSR-DA)HHG1C-1/032F-120 100-350A(SSR-DA)DC---ACDC---ACDescriptionSingle-phase Industrial SSRSingle-phase Industrial SSRControl Voltage014:3-14VDC 032:3-32VDC014:3-14VDC 032:3... Read More
2019-04-17 14:33:20
China HHG2A Single-phase Indusreial SSR factory

HHG2A Single-phase Indusreial SSR

Part NO.HHG2A-1/032F-38120 60-120A(SSR-DA)DC---ACDescriptionSingle-phase Industrial SSRControl Voltage014:3-14VDC032:3-33VDCControl Current5-25mATurn-on Voltage3VDCTurn-off Voltage1VDCReverse Voltage32VDCLoad ... Read More
2013-07-11 19:24:34
China HHG1K Single-phase Indusreial SSR factory

HHG1K Single-phase Indusreial SSR

https://clion.en.alibaba.com/product/60620245895-804655096/NNC_solid_state_relay_HHG1K_1_032F_120_500_1000A_Industrial_grsde_SSR_DC_AC_air_cooled.html?spm=a2700.8304367.0.0.vSEd42 Part NO. HHG1K-1/032F-120 500... Read More
2019-04-10 08:48:15
China HHT3 Full-isolated single-phase voltage regulation module factory

HHT3 Full-isolated single-phase voltage regulation module

Part NO.HHT3-U/22 10-100ASSR-VADescriptionFull-isolated single-phase voltage regulation moduleControl mode0-5VDC 0-10VDC 4-20mALoad Voltage220VACVoltage-regulation Scope10-250VACIsolation VoltageActive typeFull ... Read More
2019-04-15 15:23:48
China HHG1 Single-phase SSR DC factory

HHG1 Single-phase SSR DC

Part NO.HHG1-0/032F-20 10-40ADC---DCDescriptionSingle-phase SSRControl Voltage032:5-32VDCControl Current6-25mATurn-on Voltage5VDCTurn-off Voltage1VDCReverse Voltage32VDCLoad Voltage20:12-250VDCLoad Current10A... Read More
2019-04-15 15:16:04
China HHG1S Single-phase Indusreial SSR factory

HHG1S Single-phase Indusreial SSR

Part NO.HHG1S-1/032F-120 500-800A(SSR-DA) Water-cooledDC---ACDescriptionSingle-phase Industrial SSRControl Voltage014:3-14VDC 032:3-32VDCControl Current5-25mATurn-on Voltage3VDCTurn-off Voltage1VDCReverse ... Read More
2013-07-11 19:25:07
China HHT1 Single-phase Solid Voltage Regulator factory

HHT1 Single-phase Solid Voltage Regulator

Part NO.HHT1-R/2238 10-40ASSR-VADescriptionSingle-phase Solid Voltage RegulatorControl mode2W470-560K potentiometerLoad Voltage22:220VAC38:10-440VACVoltage-regulation Scope22:10-250VAC38:10-441VACIsolation ... Read More
2019-04-17 14:27:14
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